Submit Your Music

If you would like your music to be considered for release on the Free Floating label, here is where you can submit it.

When submitting music, please consider the following guidelines.

  • Length – Keep your submissions to album length. That can vary greatly but should generally be between 40 and 100 minutes in length. Single long-form pieces are definitely accepted.
  • Format – Files for consideration should be at least 320mb MP3 quality. They should be submitted as files I can download as opposed to streaming.
  • Tone/Mood – In line with the mission statement above, music should be slow and meditative without abrupt shifts in dynamics. I look for a lulling, hypnotic effect. I prefer there to be no beats or percussion. I also shy away from field recordings. The music should lean toward light rather than dark in mood.
  • License – While you retain complete copyright control, music released through Free Floating is made available through a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 license. Please be sure you understand this license and what it allows and forbids.

Submission Form

Please use the form below to submit your music to Free Floating.

Tell me a little about your music project. Be sure to include a link to DOWNLOAD your music. Or you can send it separately using another service (I use WeTransfer).

I listen to all submissions. It can take some time for me to really get a feel for certain pieces, but I will definitely contact you and let you know whether or not I am interested. If I am not interested I try to explain why rather than simply say I’m not interested.