FFM-028: Janneh - Padmospheres

I have in my mind’s eye an image of the web page where I first discovered Padmospheres. I can see the original cover as a relatively small thumbnail on a black background. The page border seems to be some sort of pattern of swirling oranges and purples and pinks. At least that’s what my (admittedly poor) memory shows me when I think back…. However, that page no longer seems to exist, or my search skills have been unable to retrieve it.

But the music is still with me and it’s an album that I have returned to over the years.

I have to admit that this music sounds different from a lot of what I release on Free Floating. After the initial windy pads sweep in at the beginning of Spring we’re treated to some delicate guitar picking and a deep glitchy synth sweep. The track ends with an eerily buzzing synth crescendo before Janneh enfolds us in the delicate piano that begins Summer. There are even some rumbling field recordings later on, something which I usually eschew in ambient music.

I see this as a testament to Janneh’s artistry and unique touch. There is the right balance of dreamy synthesized washes (it is called Padmospheres after all…) and natural acoustic sounds and instruments. It all blends to create an entrancing and holistic atmosphere that I find utterly captivating.

And so, from that hazy web page of 2007 Free Floating brings Padmospheres to some new life. Someday Free Floating will go the way of Dharmasound and maybe somebody will go searching for the page on FF where they first found Padmospheres. Regardless of where it’s found, I hope the music continues to resonate and find new listeners.

Brad Ross-MacLeod
Vancouver, WA

Released May 8, 2014

Named a “Significant Release of 2014” by Stars End

All music composed and performed by Janneh.
Padmospheres was originally released by the Dharmasound netlabel in March of 2007 (under the name Janne Hanhisuanto).

Thanks to Janne for his interest in re-releasing on Free Floating. Be sure to check out the discography on his website for more music.

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


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