FFM-024: Scott Lawlor - Seeking Rest

2013 belongs to Scott Lawlor….

Take a look at his discography from this year (and the year is only 3/4 over as I write this…).

• Complex Silence 36 – Treetrunk Records
• Times Escape – We Are All Ghosts
• Constant 29 – Treetrunk Records
• Dark Mind – Buddhist On Fire
• Rain 1 – Webbed Hand Records
• Desert Winds – 45 Echoes Sounds
• Like A Pelican of The Wilderness – We Are All Ghosts
• Haiku 03 – Subterranean Tide

Now add to that

• Seeking Rest – Free Floating

Then add to that The Blind Flight podcast and Stillstream radio show and I’d say it will soon be time to nominate him for the Brin Coleman Award for Prolificacy in Ambient Music.

But I completely get Scott’s motivation. Once I entered into the ambient music community on the Internet I was inspired to share and create in much the same way that Scott has been.

As you can hear from Seeking Rest, that inspiration has resulted in some beautiful ambient music. According to Scott, this piece was born from two earlier pieces he composed in the 1990’s but never released. He reworked them into this track in one take with no overdubs. That’s what Scott is capable of.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this track is perfect for Free Floating. It moves slowly and subtly, taking you with it through the clouds. If you can’t find rest with this piece, then I don’t know what else would work for you.

This one is highly recommended to play on repeat to keep you floating peacefully all night (or day).

Brad Ross-MacLeod
Vancouver, WA

Released September 19, 2013

All music by Scott Lawlor.

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


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