FFM-023: Magnetic Wind - Asleep Next To You

I am drawn to the intimacy implicit in this collection by Magnetic Wind. The titles (and indeed the inspiration noted by the artist) inform us that this music explores the desire for closeness and relationship. These are, in essense, ambient love songs; I Want to Hold Your Hand via Brian Eno, if you will. Of course this music is really more mature in its approach to love than the adolescent angst of the early Beatles. Perhaps its more akin to an ambient take on George Harrison’s Something from Abbey Road–an expression of awe and uncertainty and commitment all at once.

So much ambient music (including that of Free Floating) attaches itself to big abstract themes–time, the universe, nature, change, death. I love this suite of ambient music that focuses on the all-important themes of intimacy, romance, and love. The intimate sounds and slowly evolving textures of this music are appropriate tools to communicate these ideas and emotions. And Jessica (Waters, AKA Magnetic Wind) is perfectly suited to take us on this journey into interpersonal inner space.

I’m proud to have Magnetic Wind finally on Free Floating and feel ‘Asleep Next to You’ is an ideal fit for the sounds and ideas that I seek to foster.


Brad Ross-MacLeod
July 2013

Released July 18, 2013

From the artist:

Magnetic Wind focuses on organic and electronic blends of ambient with occasional female ambience and electro-acoustic textures creating ethereal drift in the genres of dark and light ambient.

Ancestry, autobiography, philosophy and relationship are predominant themes in my work. My composition is deeply rooted in stream of consciousness creation from “the source”. As an artist , my tools are electronically processed acoustic instrumentation, voice, laptop electronics, software synths, field recordings and amplified objects.

Asleep Next to You is a conceptual album inspired by love, longing, meditation, relaxation and contentment.

All compositions, music, and sounds by Magnetic Wind.

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


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