FFM-012: Bing Satellites - Twilight Sessions Volume Ten

I will somewhat sheepishly admit that I almost passed on releasing this latest installment in Bing Satellites’ Twilight Sessions series.

I’m not sure what I didn’t hear when I listened to these pieces the first time. And let’s be clear, it wasn’t that I didn’t like them, but for some reason I didn’t think they would be right for Free Floating.

I think that I initially got caught in the piano focus of the opening track and the idea of this collection as “piano-based” got stuck in my head, and I wanted more drifting, abstract work. Well, as listening to this will easily show you, this is ethereal drifting music….
It may also have had to do with where I was when Brin sent me this music months ago. I’m still new as a netlabel curator and trying to develop the right focus and sequence for releases. In some ways there’s no particular plan, but each release has to feel right as part of the growth of the Free Floating ‘brand’.

Since this album first came my way, Free Floating has released several collections that have built our musical signature and expanded the artist roster. Going back to this album recently, it all just clicked and I wanted to get it out there (especially since I’m pretty sure Brin has more volumes ready to release…).

This is some truly magnificent music from Bing Satellites. To me it seems the perfect balance of simple repetition and subtle shifting nuance that I love so much about great ambient music. There is much depth to be found here for those willing to take the time to listen closely. If not, there is a wealth of simple beauty that can be appreciated for its own sake.

Thanks to Brin for once again allowing Twilight Sessions to be part of Free Floating. Look for more Twilight Sessions on BFW Recordings soon.

Brad Ross-MacLeod
Vancouver, BC
August 2012

Released August 2, 2012

“I can’t quite believe it! This is the tenth album in the Twilight Sessions series!

What started out as an experiment improvising in very long loops has reached double figures!

The music on this album was recorded in October and November 2011.

Each piece starts as a blank canvas.

I have an evolving set of preselected sounds on the computer – maybe a dozen or so – altered pianos, lush strings and synths. I make this sounds flexible so I can change them as I play. As well as these, I can add notes from various real, usually heavily processed instruments, such as flute, fretless bass, baritone guitar and voice.

The music is played into a long, slowly decaying loop.

These loops are quite long (often around 90 seconds or more) and with very little rhythm to speak of, it is difficult to know precisely where I am in the loop, so I can add notes and sounds where I see fit, but can never know exactly what I am adding these notes to. Therefore, it must be said that although I am the one making these sounds and creating this music, much of it is down to serendipity.”

–Bing Satellites

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


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