FFM-008: Jack Hertz - Time

This release almost didn’t happen (though, thankfully for all of us, it obviously has…).

Jack Hertz sent me these tracks back at the beginning of December 2011. I promptly entered them into my regular rotation of new music and gave them lots of thorough listening. When new music is submitted to Free Floating I try to listen to it in as many ways as possible—doing work at the computer, while reading, in headphones as I go to sleep…. I want to experience the music fully.

As I listened to these four tracks (in somewhat different mixes from what is released here), I vacillated. Jack’s artistry and compositional subtlety were apparent. It was just that there were passages that stretched the boundaries of what I imagine Free Floating music to be.

Jack, understandably, got impatient with not hearing from me and said he could take the music elsewhere. We exchanged messages and I explained my feelings. Jack offered to remix the tracks.

I mention this to emphasize one of my favorite aspects of running this label—collaborating with amazingly creative and humble musicians who share my creative and personal mission. I am grateful that Jack believes enough in Free Floating that he would revisit and revise his own music to fit my particular vision. I have an immense respect for that artistic decision.

The good news is that I think Jack’s edits definitely took these pieces to a different level. In some ways, the mixes are not drastically different, which I like because it retains Jack’s creative spark. But the editing has taken some amazing music and made it that much more resonant and beautiful.

So perhaps there is something valuable here in the collaboration between artist and label, though the lion’s share of praise must, assuredly, belong to Jack and this phenomenal music he has made for us.

Brad Ross-MacLeod
March 2012

Released March 1, 2012

All music by Jack Hertz

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


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