Free Floating Music began as a blog dedicated to ambient music that was being released for free on the internet (before the days of streaming). From there it became a radio show on, and then finally a netlabel dedicated to releasing gentle ambient music.

Free Floating is no longer releasing music. Past releases can be found at the Internet Archive.

Listen and download our music for free at the Internet Archive.


Whats been said about Free Floating releases.
Quiet Friends

Quiet Friends

Allister Thompson

All of these tracks are very beautiful, without exception. One thing’s for sure, if you like nothing better than to lay down on a nice bed of synth pads, this recording was sent from Heaven just for you!



Thomas Mathie

'Conception' is a wonderful compilation of ambient electronic soundscapes that has a real depth and substance to it. It really does showcase the very best in this genre

Altus - The Siderial Cycle

The Sidereal Cycle

Simon Cummings

I love it both for being a superb and subtle demonstration of ambient principles as well as for being a blissfully beautiful, totally enveloping listening experience.


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Fading to silence…

Fading to silence… The time has come to fade to silence… After briefly resurrecting the label last year, I now feel it’s time to shut the doors for good. Part of the reason for re-opening Read more…